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COMMCare – Riverbed Technology


The COMMCare Riverbed Technology Service is a customizable service offering designed to keep your optimized WAN, up-to-date and secure for the life of your system. Our pro-active service offering will maintain the acceleration of your applications, enabling a better end user experience without a time and training commitment from your staff.

Service Offering

Premium WAN optimization technologies are ever changing. It is necessary for companies to stay current with technological best practices. As a Riverbed Partner*, Comm Solutions’ “Best-in-Class” and certified engineers have proven proficiencies in WAN optimization technologies and can guide you every step of the way. The COMMCare Riverbed Technology Service allows you to tailor fit our offerings to meet your business needs. These services are:

  • Convenient – be at ease knowing you have a plan in place with pre-scheduled, recurring visits to service your wireless environment and avoid unnecessary problems, without the need of a service request
  • Customizable – since every company is different, Comm Solutions’ engineers work with you to determine the best services for your environment, while preventing issues that cost your company money and downtime
  • Current – allow Comm Solutions’ engineers to worry about keeping your wireless environment current with the newest upgrades and updates, providing you peace of mind and without overwhelming you and your staff

Scheduled on either a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis, COMMCare Riverbed Technology Service provides on-site assistance with your wireless updates and upgrades, as well as helping to mitigate any user impacting issues that your company may experience.

Select from the following list of items, choosing the services that are most beneficial to your company:

  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance or acceleration within your existing Steelhead deployment
  • Investigate specific alerts or issues arising from your Steelhead environment
  • Provide knowledge transfer to your staff on design, best practices, and new features
  • Review the Steelhead infrastructure in order to investigate unhealthy units or anomalies
  • Evaluate current RIOS operating system version to determine if an upgrade is necessary
  • Examine current Steelhead infrastructure in preparation for deployment of additional units

Contact your Comm Solutions Account Executive today to schedule your COMMCare Riverbed Technology Services engagement.

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