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Information Security

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Organizations need to protect their network infrastructure more than ever. Breaches and corporate hacks are in the news every day, it is important for organizations to make sure their most vital assets are protected and compliance guidelines such as HIPAA, PCI, etc. are being followed. Today’s hackers inflict serious harm, compromising customer data, triggering exorbitant fines, causing clients to lose confidence and even putting your entire enterprise at risk. IT leaders are asking the question: How vulnerable is my organization to a breach? We can help with the ability to learn about undetected vulnerabilities that may exist on the network.

We are serious about protecting our fortune 1000, healthcare, retail and educational clients, all, who have different priorities, but share the common goal of keeping proprietary data out of the wrong hands. Comm Solutions has developed best practices and a portfolio of powerful solutions to help dynamically discover your environment, (because truly knowing what you have is the first step in knowing where your vulnerabilities are), and harden or develop a security posture for each critical area of your infrastructure or practices.

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