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Protect your Network from All Types of Malware

Application control and threat protection are critical in protecting against today’s attacks.

Hundreds of applications are most likely running through your network every day.  Many of these applications are necessary for your day to day business practice, others on the other hand may not be.  The one thing all these applications have in common is they all carry some level of risk.  Application visibility and application control is critical. This is not available today in a traditional port-based firewall.

Palo Alto Networks can identify and control over 1300 applications of all types (web-based, peer-to-peer..etc).  This granular control allows you to safely use the applications that your business requires.

Also, being able to identify the threats hidden in these applications is paramount in being able to protect your network from all types of Malware.

The face of Malware has changed. It is no longer a single person scanning your network and trying to break in for notoriety. It is now becoming a business where the information is the money. Attackers will attempt to bait a user inside the network, pretending to be a ‘trusted’ friend using information they find on social networking sites. They will send this user an attachment that is of interest to them (again using information from social networking sites). This user believes that the email is from a friend so the attachment must be safe; they open the attachment or launch the URL in the email and hidden in these is malware that opens a channel of control and communication for the attacker.

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