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CommVault Simpana v9 software-based deduplication:

Deduplication – or “Dedupe” for short – is all the rage. Dedupe (many times accompanied by compression) allows data to be examined and have redundant data removed so that only a single unique copy of a file or bit are saved. If you have 50 copies of the same item only one is stored. This yields a significant space and cost savings – especially if your data is highly duplicated (virtual machines, user file data, etc.).

Dedupe can occur at the client (source-based) or at the destination (target based) or a little of both. It can occur at the file level or at the block level. It can be performed in line (real time) or after it’s been received (post processed). It can be performed in software, on appliances or a little of both.

Before CommVault introduced Dedupe into the Simpana line Comm Solutions customers used purpose built deduplication appliances, deduplicating shared storage or simply allocated large magnetic storage areas for backup retention. The addition of Dedupe into their software doesn’t restrict these options but complements them allowing for greater flexibility and cost savings than ever before.

CommVault introduced deduplication to Simpana in Version 8. In Version 9 deduplication has received a number of upgrades including client (source-based) deduplication, deduplication to tape, larger capacity dedupe stores, global deduplication capabilities and replication. A native CommVault feature it is a license upgrade for most customers but as CommVault was built from the ground up to utilize and manage disk-based storage for backups its policy-based configuration and management will be familiar for most CommVault customers. While there are many compelling reasons for Comm Solutions customers to upgrade or move to CommVault Simpana 9 (increased performance, scale, etc.) the addition of maturing deduplication can be an easy justification.

CommVault leverages their backup client software and information indexing capabilities to provide a foundation for a wide range of services – including deduplication. Source (client) based deduplication reduces the amount of data stored and transferred to a central location – especially important as data grows and backup windows shrink. CommVault leverages their Media Agents (specialized backup servers which store and distribute backup data) to function as deduplication stores. This allows for a wide range of storage technologies to be used (DAS, NAS, SAN), to be mixed and configured as business needs dictate – all while being managed from a single seat and utilizing existing resources.

For Comm Solutions customers this means that with Simpana 9 they have many options. Source and/or destination dedupe, asymetric branch office retention – hold data on site for a week but retain it for months at the datacenter – leverage existing shared storage resources and increase magnetic library retention via a license upgrade and a few check boxes. Even dedupe to tape saving on media costs and even transportation fees.

While CommVault software will still work just fine with deduplication appliances from many vendors their software-based deduplication may be a solid option for existing customers without dedupe – or those even looking to augment their existing installations – adding capabilities and reducing costs.

Comm Solutions is proud to partner with CommVault – ask us for more information today!

About George Park:
George Park has over 15 years of Domestic and International IT management, operations, project management, design and engineering experience. Generally focusing on IT Finance & Governance, Enterprise Security, Networking, Storage, Recovery, Server and Virtualization, Mr. Park also has a broad range of experience with companies of all sizes, types, for and non-profit, and levels of maturity. Mr. Park is currently a staff Consultant with Comm Solutions Company located in Malvern, PA (USA) specializing in Server and Desktop Virtualization, Storage and Disaster Recovery.

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